International Journal of Neutrosophic Science IJNS 2690-6805 2692-6148 10.54216/IJNS 2020 2020 Neutrosophic Soft Bitopological Spaces Ministry of Education Open Educational College, Department of Mathematics, Babylon, Iraq. Ahmed B. AL AL-Nafee Laboratory of Information Processing, Faculty of Science Ben M’Sik, University Hassan II, B.P 7955, Morocco. Said Broumi Deparment of Mathematics ,University of New Mexico 705 AVE Gallup, NM 87301, USA. Florentin Smarandache   In this paper, we built bitopological space on the concept of neutrosophic soft set, we defined the basic topological concepts of this spaces which are N3-(bi)*-open set, N3-(bi)*-closed set, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft interior, (bi)* neutrosophic soft closure, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft boundary, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft exterior and we introduced their properties. In addition, we investigated the relations of these basic topological concepts with their counterparts in neutrosophic soft topological spaces and we introduced many examples.   2021 2021 47 56 10.54216/IJNS.140104