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Fusion: Practice and Applications
Volume 4 , Issue 2, PP: 32-41 , 2021 | Cite this article as | XML | Html |PDF


Novel Filter of DWT for Image Processing Applications

Authors Names :   J. Abed Eleiwy   1 *     Nagham Jaafar   2  

1  Affiliation :  Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

    Email :  100310@uotechnology.edu.iq

2  Affiliation :  Applied Science Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

    Email :  1001168@uotechnology.edu.iq

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/FPA.040205

Received: February 10, 2020 Accepted: July 07, 2021

Abstract :

In this work, wavelets are used in the analysis of medical images, where the efficiency of mathematics in this field has been proven because the basis of the proposed wavelets in this work is newly constructed mathematical equations, and through the MATLAB program, many programs have been designed to be ready for use in the field of image analysis and study. Physical samples were selected that were compressed using the proposed wavelets, and good results were obtained that prove the efficiency of the method used.

Keywords :

Discrete Laguerre Wavelet Transform (DLWT); Image Compression; Medical application; De-noise medical image; bit per pixel.

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J. Abed Eleiwy , Nagham Jaafar, Novel Filter of DWT for Image Processing Applications, Fusion: Practice and Applications, Vol. 4 , No. 2 , (2021) : 32-41 (Doi   :  https://doi.org/10.54216/FPA.040205)