Welcome to ASPG Publisher


American Scientific Publishing Group (ASPG) is an academic publisher that publishes a set of prestigious peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines. ASPG aims to publish high-quality work through a strict review process by providing a set of fully open access journals and some subscription-based journals with open access options. 


ASPG Mission


As a new scientific publisher, ASPG publisher aims to be a significant contributor to scientific development in the digital era. We recognize that traditional print journals have some disadvantages including higher costs, paper consumption, low efficiency, and limited distribution while online journals are more efficient, cost less, and are environmentally friendly. Accordingly, we believe digital scholarly journals are the new trend for scientific publication. However, printed contents must be available when needed.


Feature and Value


ASPG publisher is different from a traditional academic publisher. First, ASPG publisher has minimized its administrative system. Second, ASPG works with excellent scholars from around the world. This pattern of organization ensures that ASPG is powered by wide-ranging ideas from many cultures and research areas. Third, we think that free submission publication is an essential channel to utilize in order to promote the development of science and research especially for the authors from the low-income countries, and the open access fees shouldn't be paid before the official acceptance of the papers in the Open Access Journals. All journals published by ASPG allow the authors to download or read their papers online once they are published without payment or subscription.


ASPG has the following contact information:


American Scientific Publishing Group (ASPG),

New Orleans, USA 

e-mail: manager@americaspg.com