Reviewer Guide



Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of the journal. Reviewers and editors determine which works are of quality and significance. Due to our extensive readership, the research and scholarship selected by our reviewers will ultimately have an impact on literacy in national and international classrooms. Reviewers’ names will be listed on the journal’s webpage.




1. Possess a doctoral degree in a discipline related closely to the journal

2. Hold a teaching or research position at a university or academic institution

3. Be fluent in academic and professional English

4. Have a strong interest in the scholarly journal

5. Work quickly and accurately under tight deadlines

6. Reviewers are required to follow the Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers


How to apply


Researchers interested in reviewing for any journal of ASPG can now register their interest by following a couple of simple steps. Once they identify themselves, provide a list of their latest publications, area of expertise, their motivation for choosing this journal to review for and indicate their availability, editors will then receive a notification of interest. It is then up to the relevant editors to contact volunteer reviewers in order to request a review.


There are two ways to be a reviewer for one of our journals. The first one is to register/ login to your account and update your research interests and select (available for review) option. The second way is to send an email to the journal editor/ ASPG team to request including your name in the journal reviewer’s database. 


Review Report Sections

All the review process is conducted electronically through our ASPG systems. The reviewer will be requested to submit an electronic review form, which can be found in his review account. The main items in this form can be found here  (Report Example)