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Special Issue on Pathway towards Inclusive and Sustainable Transformation of Business and Society in the Post Pandemic World: Perils and Potentials



The COVID-19 pandemic has been a global disaster, requiring rapid responses and new ways of working in every field. The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a global crisis which has led to the closure of thousands of businesses, the loss of millions of jobs, and hundreds of thousands of deaths. No sector has been immune to the effects of this pandemic, including business in particular and society in general. No doubt we learned to work in new modalities with varied technologies, work with new home offices, adjust our expectations about who and where our business would be, adapt to technological solutions and rethink our careers and identities. In this special issue, our interest lies in theorizing how business and management learning at the individual, organizational, and societal levels, adapts to, and learns from, the perils and possibilities that the COVID-19 pandemic affords. 

For this special issue, we invite submissions that explore all the areas of business management and society towards inclusive and sustainable transformation in the post pandemic period. Such research asks the question of how strategic thinking and implementation of business, organizations have and can contribute to tackling their business and societal challenges for better future.  Contributions to this special issue should also provide new theoretical and practical understandings, reached through examination of the dynamics of the business strategies, management learning and new ways of organizing business models, capturing new business and markets that were mobilized to support change during the COVID-19 crisis. Due to the broad nature of the topic, relevant insights from other disciplines (e.g., social psychology, Health care planning, emerging economies, AI, ML, Big data and many others) that can be connected with the theme and the core interests of the journal may be appropriate, in addition to more conventional approaches. 


Submission Guidelines


For this Special Issue, we invite submissions to all of AJBOR’s peer reviewed sections of research (including empirical and conceptual manuscripts), reviews and essays. We particularly welcome research studies based on extensive data-qualitative or quantitative, using any well-executed and rigorous methodology-from across the most intense period of the pandemic and into the time of recovery. Submissions will be subject to normal editorial decision-making and peer review processes. All manuscripts will be reviewed as a cohort for this special issue (SI) in American Journal of Business and Operations Research (AJBOR). Full Manuscripts of up to 10,000 words should be submitted by or before July 31, 2022 at srehman275@gmail.comAll submissions will go through the AJBOR’s regular double-blind review process and follow the standard norms and processes. The author guidelines need to be strictly followed in all the manuscripts submitted to be considered in SI of AJBOR by the contributing authors as per the Journal guidelines. For more information about this special issue call for papers, please feel free to contact the AJBOR-SI Editors and visit the Journal website ASPG (americaspg.com) for further updates.



Guest Editors: 

Dr. Shakeel ul Rehman, Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies, Islamic University of Science & Technology, India; 

Dr. Javid Gani Dar, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Islamic University of Science & Technology, India

Deadline for Submissions: 31st July 2022

Scheduled for Publication: October- 2022


APC: For publication, an Article Processing Charge of USD 200 need to be paid by the authors for each accepted manuscript in Special Issue of American Journal of Business and Operations Research (AJBOR).