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International Journal of Neutrosophic Science
Volume 6 , Issue 1, PP: 22-31 , 2020 | Cite this article as | XML | Html |PDF


Classical Logic as a subclass of Neutrosophic Logic

Authors Names :   Angelo de Oliveira   1 *     Marina Nogueira Carvalho de Oliveira   2  

1  Affiliation :  Departamento Academico de Ciencia da Computacao - Universidade Federal de Rondonia, Brasil

    Email :  angelo@unir.br

2  Affiliation :  Undergraduate Student in Civil Engineering, Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brasil

    Email :  marina.nogueira.co@gmail.com.br

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.060104

Abstract :

It is customary in mathematics that almost all new developments maintain compatibility with what is already proved and accepted. Following this way, neutrosophic logic has the classical logic as subset. However, in mathematics, all the affirmations must be proved first to be accepted, so the claim that the neutrosophic logic encompass classical logic must be also proved. Thus, this paper show that the main properties of the classical logic hold when translated to neutrosophic form at propositional level.

Keywords :

Neutrosophic Logic; Classical Logic.

References :

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Angelo de Oliveira , Marina Nogueira Carvalho de Oliveira, Classical Logic as a subclass of Neutrosophic Logic, International Journal of Neutrosophic Science, Vol. 6 , No. 1 , (2020) : 22-31 (Doi   :  https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.060104)