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Neutrosophic Soft Filter Structures Concerning Soft Points

Naime Demirtas , Abdullah Demirtas

In this paper, the concept of neutrosophic soft filter (NSF) and its basic properties are introduced. Later, we set up a neutrosophic soft topology with the help of a NSF. We also give the notions of the greatest lower bound and the least upper bound of the family of neutrosophic soft filters (NSFs), NSF subbase, NSF base andexplore some basic properties of them.

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Vol. 13 Issue. 2 PP. 87-94, (2021)

Novel Idea of Gδ-α-Locally Continuous Functions

R.Narmada Devi

The new concepts of a neutrosophic Gδ set and neutrosophic Gδ-α-locally closed sets are introduced. Also, a neutrosophic εGδ-α-locally quasi neighborhood, neutrosophic Gδ-α-locally continuous function, neutrosophic Gδ-α-local T2 space, neutrosophic Gδ-α-local Urysohn space, neutrosophic Gδ-α-local connected space, and neutrosophic Gδ-α-local compact space are discussed and some interesting properties are established.

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Vol. 13 Issue. 2 PP. 61-65, (2021)

Neutrosophic δ-Open Maps and Neutrosophic δ-Closed Maps

A. Vadivel , C. John Sundar

The neutrosophic δ-open set is one of the strongest forms of neutrosophic topological spaces. In this article, we introduce the concept of neutrosophic δ-open maps and neutrosophic δ-closed maps and investigate their neighbor maps such as δS, δp & e* open maps and closed maps of neutrosophic topological spaces. Also, we analyze some of their related properties and extension to neutrosophic e*- homeomorphism and neutrosophic e* T½-space in neutrosophic topological spaces. Furthermore, these kinds of δ-open functions have strong application in the area of neural networks and image processing theory. 

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Vol. 13 Issue. 2 PP. 66-74, (2021)

COVID-19 Decision-Making Model using Extended Plithogenic Hypersoft Sets with Dual Dominant Attributes

Nivetha Martin , Florentin Smarandache , Broumi said

Plithogenic Hypersoft set is the multi argument function with plithogenic universe of discourse and single dominant attribute value. The theory of plithogenic sets deals with the attributes and it is of the form (P, a, V, d, c) characterized by the degree of appurtenance and contradiction. This paper introduces the approach of plithogenic hypersoft sets with two independent dominant attribute values pertaining to each attribute to handle the dual system of decision making. The proposed decision making model is validated with the data of the present COVID -19 pandemic situations. The objective of the model is to rank the patients being identified as asymptotic and affected using Frequency Matrix Multi Attributes Decision making system. Combined plithogenic hypersoft representations of the degree of appurtenance between the patients and the attribute values make the decision-making model more comprehensive and feasible. The developed model can be extended to other decision making environment with various forms of degree of appurtenance.

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Vol. 13 Issue. 2 PP. 75-86, (2021)

Leading From Powerlessness: A Third-way Neutrosophic Leadership Model For Developing Countries

Victor Christianto , Florentin Smarandache

  We argue that there are essentially two chief leadership models: the hard-style and soft-style leadership. From Neutrosophic point of view, there can be a third way, between hard-style leadership and soft-style leadership model, which may be more relevant to many of people in developing countries as well as in developed countries, who feel “powerless” and “hopeless” especially in this pandemic situation. We prefer to call this new approach: leading from powerlessness. The third-way Neutrosophic leadership model may also mean partially hard-style and partially soft-style leadership.  

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Vol. 13 Issue. 2 PP. 95-103, (2021)