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On Some Special Substructures of Neutrosophic Rings and Their Properties

Mohammad Abobala

In this paper we introduce the notions of AH-ideal and AHS-ideal as new kinds of neutrosophic substructures defined in a neutrosophic ring. We investigate the properties of these substructures and some related concepts as AH-weak  principal ideal, AH-weak prime ideal and AH-weak maximal ideal.

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Vol. 4 Issue. 2 PP. 72-81, (2020)

A new ranking function of triangular neutrosophic number and its application in integer programming

Sapan Kumar Das , S.A. Edalatpanah

Real humankind problems have different sorts of ambiguity in the creation, and amidst them, one of the significant issues in solving the integer linear programming issues. In this commitment, the conception of aggregation of ranking function has been focused on a distinct framework of reference. Here, we build up another framework for neutrosophic integer programming issues having triangular neutrosophic numbers by using the aggregate ranking function. To legitimize the proposed technique, scarcely numerical analyses are given to show the viability of the new model. At long last, conclusions are talked about.

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Vol. 4 Issue. 2 PP. 82-92, (2020)


Mohsin Khalid , Neha Andaleeb Khalid

In this paper, we present the new kind of MN-subalgebra for neutrosophic cubic set which is called neutrosophic cubic MN-subalgebra where M represents the initial of author’s first name Mohsin and N represents the initial of second author’s first name Neha. We investigate this neutrosophic cubic MN-subalgebra on BF-algebra through some significant properties of BF-algebra. We also use R-intersection, p-intersection, p-union upper bound, lower bound and some important characteristics to study the behaviour of neutrosophic cubic MN-subalgebra [NCMNSU] on BF-algebra.

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Vol. 4 Issue. 2 PP. 93-103, (2020)

The Special Neutrosophic Functions

Ahmed Hatip

In this study, we introduce the notion of special neutrosophic functions as new kinds of neutrosophic function defined in a neutrosophic logic. As particular cases, we present the notions of neutrosophic Floor (greatest integer), neutrosophic Absolute Function and neutrosophic Signum Function. Moreover, we draw its neutrosophic graph representation and discuss similarities and differences for these special neutrosophic functions between the classic case and neutrosophic case. We investigate some properties and prove them. However, we often need the definition of absolute value function, especially in the metric space. Therefore, we introduce its initial definition in this study.

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Vol. 4 Issue. 2 PP. 104-116, (2020)

Proposal for a new theory of neutrosophic application of the evidence in the Ecuadorian criminal process

Luis Andrés Crespo Berti

In this article, the main objective was to examine the articulation mechanism of the guiding principles of evidentiary law, the backbone of the criminal procedure directed at judges so as not to make inexcusable mistakes. A new theory called reasoned equivalence based on numerical neutrosophics by considering each evidentiary principle <A> along with its opposite or negation <Anti-A> and the spectrum of neutralities <Neut-A>. The data collection techniques responded to participant observation and the Delphi technique, after having gathered the opinion of 60 collaborating criminal lawyers about the problem through the exercise of the profession. The construction of the instrument fell to an observation guide. The results gave the judicial practice a marked formative value, by establishing relationships between the content of the evidence and the development of oral litigation techniques aimed at the promotion and evacuation of evidence to contribute to a certain criminal process, the evidence necessary to that the judge can come to the knowledge and conviction of the procedural truth of the facts.

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Vol. 4 Issue. 2 PP. 117-124, (2020)