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Pre Separation Axioms In Neutrosophic Crisp Topological Spaces

Riad K. Al-Hamido , Luai Salha , Taleb Gharibah

In this  paper, A new type of  separation axioms in the neutrosophic crisp Topological space named  neutrosophic crisp pre separation axioms is going to be defined , in which neutrosophic  crisp pre open set and  neutrosophic  crisp point are to be depended on. Also, relations among them and the other type are going to be found.  

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Vol. 8 Issue. 2 PP. 72-79, (2020)

A short remark on Bong Han duct system (PVS) as a Neutrosophic bridge between Eastern and Western Medicine paradigms

Victor Christianto , Florentin Smarandache

In a previous paper in this journal (IJNS), it is mentioned about a possible approach of “curemony” as a middle way in order to reconcile Eastern and Western’s paradigms of medicine [1]. Although it is known in literature that there are some attempts to reconcile between Eastern and Western medicine paradigms, known as “integrative medicine,” here a new viewpoint is submitted, i.e. Bong Han duct system (PVS), which is a proof of Meridian system, can be a bridge between those two medicine paradigms in neutrosophic sense. This can be considered as a Neutrosophic Logic way to bridge or reconcile the age-old debates over the Western and Eastern approach to medicine. It is also hoped that there will be further research in this direction, especially to clarify the distinction between Pasteur’s germ theory and Bechamp’s microzyma theory. More research is obviously recommended. Motivation of this paper: to prove that Neutrosophic Logic offers a reconciliation towards better dialogue between Western and Eastern medicine systems. Novelty aspect: it is discussed here how Bong Han Duct system offers a proven and observable way to Meridian system, which in turn it can be a good start to begin meaningful dialogue between Western and Eastern systems.

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Vol. 8 Issue. 2 PP. 80-86, (2020)

Online Analytical Processing Operations via Neutrosophic Systems

A. A. Salama , M.S.Bondok Henawy , Rafif Alhabib

 In this paper, a neutrosophic fuzzy data warehouse modelling approach is presented to support the neutrosophic analysis of the publishing house for books which allows integration of neutrosophic concept in dimensions and facts without affecting the core of a crisp data warehouse. Also we describe a method is presented which includes guidelines that can be used to convert a crisp data warehouse into a neutrosophic fuzzy domain. Finally we have presented an OLAP system that implements a neutrosophic multidimensional model to represent imprecision using neutrosophic concept in hierarchies and facts and achieving knowledge discovery from imperfect data. The use of neutrosophic structures and the definition of the OLAP operations (roll-up, drill-down, slice, and dice) enable the model to manage the imprecision of data and hide the complexity of the model and provide the user with a more understandable result.

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Vol. 8 Issue. 2 PP. 87-109, (2020)


Mohammad Hamidi , Florentin Smarandache

This paper introduces the novel concept of Neutro-BCK-algebra. In Neutro-BCK-algebra, the outcome of any given two elements under an underlying operation (neutro-sophication procedure) has three cases, such as: appurtenance, non-appurtenance, or indeterminate. While for an axiom: equal, non-equal, or indeterminate. This study investigates the Neutro-BCK algebra and shows that Neutro-BCK-algebra are different from BCKalgebra. The notation of Neutro-BCK-algebra generates a new concept of NeutroPoset and Neutro-Hassdiagram for NeutroPosets. Finally, we consider an instance of applications of the Neutro-BCK-algebra.

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Vol. 8 Issue. 2 PP. 110-117, (2020)

A Note on Neutrosophic Submodule of an R-module M

Binu R

The paper focuses on the applications of neutrosophic set theory in the domain of classical algebraic structures, especially R-module. This study discusses some algebraic operations of neutrosophic sets of an R-moduleM, induced by the operations in M and demonstrates certain properties of the neutrosophic submodules of an R-module. The ideas of R module’s non-empty arbitrary family of neutrosophic submodules are characterized, and related outcomes are proved. The last section of this paper also derives a necessary and sufficient condition for a neutrosophic set of an R-module M.

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Vol. 8 Issue. 2 PP. 118-127, (2020)