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Image and Inverse Image of Neutrosophic Cubic Sets in UP-Algebras under UP-Homomorphisms

Metawee Songsaeng , Aiyared Iampan

The concept of a neutrosophic cubic set in a UP-algebra was introduced by Songsaeng and Iampan [Neu-trosophic cubic set theory applied to UP-algebras, 2019]. In this paper, we define the image and inverse image of a neutrosophic cubic set in a non-empty set under any function and study the image and inverse image of a neutrosophic cubic UP-subalgebra (resp., neutrosophic cubic near UP-filter, neutrosophic cubic UP-filter, neutrosophic cubic UP-ideal, neutrosophic cubic strong UP-ideal) of a UP-algebra under some UP-homomorphisms.

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Vol. 3 Issue. 2 PP. 89-107, (2020)

An Approach to Solve the Linear Programming Problem Using Single Valued Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Number

Tuhin Bera , Nirmal Kumar Mahapatra

While making a decision, the neutrosophic set theory includes the uncertainty part beside certainty part (i.e., Yes or No). In the present uncertain socio-economic fashion, this pattern is highly acceptable and hence, the limitations of fuzzy set and intuitionistic fuzzy set are overcome with neutrosophic set theory. The present study provides a modified structure of linear programming problem (LP-problem) and its solution approach in neutrosophic sense. A special type of neutrosophic set defined over the set of real number, viz., single valued trapezoidal neutrosophic number (SVTN-number) is adopted here as the coefficients of the objective function, right-hand side coefficients and decision variables itself of an LP-problem. In order to solve such problem, a parameter based ranking function of SVTN-number is newly constructed from the geometrical configuration of the trapezium. It plays a key role in the development of the solution algorithm. An LP-problem is normally solved under the asset of some given constraints. Besides that, there may be some hidden parameters (e.g., awareness level of nearer society for the smooth run of a clinical pharmacy, ruined structure of road to be met a profit from a bus, etc) of an LP-problem and these affect the solution badly when experts ignore them. This study makes an attempt to solve an LP-problem by giving importance to all these to attain a fair outcome. The efficiency of the proposed concept is illustrated in a real field. A real example is stated and is solved numerically under the present view.

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Vol. 3 Issue. 2 PP. 54-66, (2020)

Utilization of Jaccard Index Measures on Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making under Neutrosophic Environment

N. Gayathri , Dr. M. Helen , P. Mounika

In this paper, we introduce the concept of Jaccard  index measures under the neutrosophic environment to make the right decision in multiple attributes. Here, we insinuate two Jaccard  index measures based on distance and the included weighted Jaccard  of two vectors between the neutrosophic environment. Then, we determine the Multiple Attribute group decision-making method (in short MAGDM) based on the Jaccard  index measures under  the neutrosophic environment and also we compare the applications of the proposed MAGDM method in the neutrosophic environment. Finally, certain descriptive examples are on hand to verify the residential handle and to express its practicality and effectiveness.

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Vol. 3 Issue. 2 PP. 67-77, (2020)

New Technology in Agriculture Using Neutrosophic Soft Matrices with the Help of Score Function

Muhammad Naveed Jafar*, Muhammad Saqlain, Ahmad Raza Shafiq, Muhammad Khalid, Hamza Akbar, Aamir Naveed

Uncertainty is a big problem in our routine life. Many theories were developed to handle uncertain environments. This paper approaches the concept of neutrosophic soft matrices (NSM) and multiple types of NSM to achieve solutions to a possible problem and provide ideas to tackle other problems relating to uncertainties. Here, NSM has been utilized to demonstrate the performance of different farmers, and further score function has been implemented to solve a possible application of decision making in agriculture. It explains the selection of the best farmer by scientific experts through an algorithm in this paper. The selection based upon the better production of crop and nature, fertilizer, pesticides, etc. are used as attributes, which will contribute to the performance of each farmer. Finally, combining the attributes, which will help us achieve a conclusion to determine the best farmer.

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Vol. 3 Issue. 2 PP. 78-88, (2020)

On single valued neutrosophic sets and neutrosophic א-structures: Applications on algebraic structures (hyperstructures)

Madeleine Al-Tahan , Bijan Davvaz

In this paper, we find a relationship between SVNS and neutrosophic N-structures and study it. Moreover, we apply our results to algebraic structures (hyperstructures) and prove that the results on  neutrosophic N-substructure (subhyperstructure) of a given algebraic structure (hyperstructure) can be deduced from single valued neutrosophic algebraic structure (hyperstructure) and vice versa.

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Vol. 3 Issue. 2 PP. 108-117, (2020)