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n-Valued Refined Neutrosophic Crisp Sets

Ahmed B. AL-Nafee , Said Broumi , Luay A. Al-Swidi

The main purpose of this manuscript is to expand the notion of neutrosophic crisp set (NCS) by presenting the notion of n-valued refined neutrosophic crisp set with some illustration examples. We also establish some of its set-theoretical operations.

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Vol. 17 Issue. 2 PP. 87-95, (2021)

Neutrosophic Perspective of Neutrosophic Probability Distributions and its Application

M. Lathamaheswari , Said Broumi , Florentin Smarandache , S. Sudha

Neutrosophical probability is concerned with inequitable and defective topics and processes. This is a subset of Neutrosophic measures that includes a prediction of an event (as opposed to indeterminacy) as well as a prediction of some unpredictability. When there is no such thing as a non-stochastic occurrence, the Neutrosophic probability is the probability of determining a stochastic process. It is a generalisation of classical probability, which states that the probability of correctly predicting an occurrence is zero. Until now, neutrosophic probability distributions have been derived directly from conventional statistical distributions, with fewer contributions to the determination of the for statistical distribution. We introduced the Poission distribution as a limiting case of the Binomial distribution for the first time in this study, and we also proposed Neutrosophic Exponential Distribution and Uniform Distribution for the first time. With numerical examples, the validity and soundness of the proposed notions were also tested. 

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Vol. 17 Issue. 2 PP. 96-109, (2021)

Neutrosophic Multigroup Homomorphism and Some of its Properties

Memet Sahin

In a way, the notion of neutrosophic multigroup is an application of neutrosophic multisets to the theory of group. The concept of neutrosophic multigroup is an algebraic structure of neutrosophic multiset that generalizes both the theories of classical group and neutrosophic group. Neutrosophic multigroup constitutes an application of neutrosophic multiset to the elementary theory of classical group. In this paper, we propose the concept of homomorphism on neutrosophic multigroup. We define homomorphism kerlf, automorphism, homomorphic image and homomorphic preimage of neutrosophic multigroup, respectively. Some homomorphic properties of neutrosophic multigroup are explicated. Some homomorphic properties of neutrosophic multigroup are also discussed. This new concept of homomorphism as a bridge among set theory, fuzzy set theory, neutrosophic multiset theory and group theory and also shows the effect of neutrosophic multisets on a group structure. We finally derive the basic properties of neutrosophic multigroup homomorphism and give its applications to group theory

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Vol. 17 Issue. 2 PP. 110 - 126, (2021)

Multi Criteria Decision Making Algorithm Via Complex Neutrosophic Nano Topological Spaces

Mani Parimala , Muthusamy Karthika , Sivaraman Murali , Florentin Smarandache , Muhammad Riaz , Saeid Jafari

The scope of this manuscript is to instigate the present-day perception of complex neutrosophic nano topological spaces and delve into a few of its spectacles. We also illustrate the spectacles with numerical quantities. Decision making plays an important role to diagnose a diseases in medical field. So a method is developed to achieve this under complex neutrosophic nano topological spaces (CNNTSs). A comparative assessment is provided to demonstrate the distinction between the unique concept and the existing approaches.

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Vol. 17 Issue. 2 PP. 127 - 143, (2021)

Single Valued Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Travelling Salesman Problem with Novel Greedy Method: The Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 (DM-TSP1)

Souhail Dhouib , Said Broumi , M. Lathamaheswari

Travelling salesman problem (TSP) is a prominent computational problem where trail technique is used to calculate all the possible travel and choose the best one. Since there is no branching or back tracking in greedy algorithms, determining the run time is much easier than the existing methods and hence, in this paper, a novel greedy method called Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 is proposed as the first resolution of TSP to get the optimal solution using single valued trapezoidal neutrosophic numbers with several numerical examples. Also, results have been analyzed with graphical solutions.

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Vol. 17 Issue. 2 PP. 144 - 157, (2021)