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Introduction to Neutrosophic Soft Bitopological Spaces

Hasan Dadas , Sibel Demiralp

In this study, the concept of neutrosophic soft bitopological space is defined and it is one of the few studies that have dealt with this concept. In addition, pairwise neutrosophic soft open (closed) set on neutrosophic soft bitopological spaces are studied. Supra neutrosophic soft topology is defined by pairwise neutrosophic soft open sets. Important theorems related to the subject supported with many examples for better understanding of the subject are given.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 2 PP. 72-81, (2021)

Application of Intuitionistic Neutrosophic Soft Sets in Decision Making Based on Game Theory

Somen Debnath

The main objective of the paper is to introduce intuitionistic neutrosophic soft sets(INSSs) and their properties in the study of game theory. Earlier, in 2018, Anjan et al. introduced the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy soft game theory. So, here an attempt has been made to extend the earlier concept by introducing intuitionistic neutrosophic soft game theory. We also define two-person intuitionistic neutrosophic soft games (TP-INS-games) and extend them to N-person-INS-games. Finally, with the help of the intuitionistic neutrosophic soft saddle point method, we give an application in a real decision-making problem.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 2 PP. 83-97, (2021)

On Neutrosophic Fuzzy Ideal Concepts

A. A. Salama , H. A. Elagamy

  The aim of this paper is to introduce and study some new neutrosophic fuzzy pairwise notions via neutrosophic fuzzy ideals. Relationships between the above new neutrosophic fuzzy pairwise notions and their other relevant classes are investigated 

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Vol. 14 Issue. 2 PP. 98-103, (2021)

A Review On Some Neutrosophic Algebraic Linear Structures

Malath F. Alaswad

This paper is dedicated to review some of basic concepts in neutrosophic linear algebra and its generalizations, especially neutrosophic vector spaces, refined neutrosophic and n-refined neutrosophic vector spaces. Also, this work gives the interested reader a strong background in the study of neutrosophic matrix theory and n-refined neutrosophic matrix theory. We study elementary properties of these cocepts such as Kernel, AH-Quotient, and dimension.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 2 PP. 104-114, (2021)

Generalized Possibility Neutrosophic Soft Set And Its Application

S. Bhuvaneshwari , C. Antony Crispin Sweety

Today, experts are emphasizing to establish innovative ideas to cope with the complexity, imprecision and ambiguity that exist in practical problems, together with suitable examples to elucidate their hypotheses. Neutrosophic set and its hybridisations are  broadly adopted in many decision making challenges. More researchers are  working to discuss the validity of neutrosophy and its combinations in decision making issues. In this work we develop a new hybridized structure of neutrosophic soft set named Generalized Possibility Neutrosophic Soft Set (GPNSS)  and discuss its basic properties. We define set theoretical operations between two possibility neutrosophic soft sets and study some of their features. We also present the GPNS decision making approach, which is based on the AND-product of GPNSS. Finally, we provide a numerical example to demonstrate how the technique may be effectively applied to the circumstances investigated.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 2 PP. 115-131, (2021)