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2690-6805ISSN (Online) 2692-6148ISSN (Print)

Neutrosophic Fuzzy Score Matrices: A Robust Framework for Advancing Medical Diagnostics

Priya Mathews , Lovelymol Sebastian , Baiju Thankachan

In this paper, we introduce the Single-Valued Neutrosophic Fuzzy Matrix (SVNFM), which consists of entries that are all single-valued neutrosophic fuzzy sets (SVNFS). Our objective is to provide a practical tool for dealing with uncertain and indeterminate input. To achieve this, we first define a neutrosophic fuzzy matrix (NFM) and discuss its fundamental properties. The use of various operations in decision making is a notable characteristic of single-valued neutrosophic fuzzy matrices (SVNFMs). In this paper, we propose a multicriteria group decision-making method that incorporates novel operations on neutrosophic fuzzy matrices. Finally, we present a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 08-17, (2024)

New type of Diophantine neutrosophic aggregation operators and its extension

M. Palanikumar , K. Arulmozhi , K. Sundareswari , Aiyared Iampan

We introduce the concept of new type of Diophantine neutrosophic set. A Diophatine neutrosophic set is the new type of a neutrosophic set and Diophatine fuzzy set (DioFS). We discuss Diophantine neutrosophic weighted averaging (DioNWA), Diophantine neutrosophic weighted geometric (DioNWG), generalized Diophantine neutrosophic weighted averaging(GDioNWA), generalized Diophantine neutrosophic weighted geometric (GDioNWG). In this article, we define the Euclidean distance (ED), Hamming distance (HD) and operator laws. By analyzing new type of Diophantine neutrosophic set through algebraic operations, we discuss its properties.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 18-28, (2024)

Some Operations on Trapezoidal Single Valued Neutrosophic Fuzzy Numbers

Ligin P. Mathew , Lovelymol Sebastian , Baiju Thankachan

Almost all situations that arise in applied mathematics involve uncertainty, inconsistency, and indeterminacy. This can be simultaneously handled by the use of single valued neutrosophic fuzzy sets and single valued neutrosophic fuzzy numbers. In this paper, we propose the operations of addition, subtraction, and scalar  multiplication on trapezoidal single valued neutrosophic fuzzy numbers. We introduce some component-wise interval operations on the union of closed bounded intervals. Then we show how this can be used to perform the proposed operations on trapezoidal single valued neutrosophic fuzzy numbers with the help of finite α− cuts, finite β− cuts, finite γ− cuts, and finite δ− cuts, which we define in this paper itself.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 29-43, (2024)

A Specific Category of Harmonic Functions Characterized By A Generalized Komatu Operator in Conjunction With The (R-K) Integral Operator and Applications to Neutrosophic Complex Field

Audy Hatim Saheb , Rafid Habib Buti

In our work, we introduced a distinct subclass of univalent harmonic functions referred to as a subclass of chiral functions. These functions are defined by combining the generalized Komatu operator with the integral operator (R − K), which has positive coefficients within the unit disc A. Also, we generalize the same subclass into neutrosophic complex numbers. Throughout our investigation, we establish several properties associated with these functions, including coefficient estimates, the convex formula, the integral operator, and the Hadamard product. On the other hand, we present the Neutrosophic convex formula and the neutrosophic integral operator.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 44-50, (2024)

Research on the Classification and Application of Physical Education Teaching Mode by Neutrosophic Analytic Hierarchy Process

Javier Gamboa-Cruzado , Eduardo Morante-Palomino , Cristina Alzamora Rivero , María Lima Bendezú , Dante Manuel M. Fernández

The goal of this paper is to classify and application of Physical Education (PE). PE growth rapidly these days due to rapid development in information technology. This rapid turn over the sports, training and physical education. So, this paper identifies the application of PE by using the Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) concept. This problem contains many criteria and sub-criteria. This paper proposed the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to determine the weights of criteria and sub-criteria. The AHP method was used under a neutrosophic environment to deal with uncertainty in this problem. An example is provided to show the outcomes of the proposed method.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 51-62, (2024)

A Study of the 16-Plithogenic and 17-Plithogenic Square Real Matrices and Their Properties

Javier Gamboa-Cruzado , Renatto Oyague Guerra , Enrique Condor Tinoco , Guillermo Paucar-Carlos , Juan Gamarra Moreno , Warshine Barry

This paper is dedicated to study the algebraic structures that are related to symbolic 16-plithogenic/17-plithogenic with symbolic plithogenic real entries, where symbolic 16-plithogenic/17-plithogenic eigenvectors and values will be discussed and presented in terms of theorems. As well as, the computation of determinants, inverses, and eigenvalues and vectors.

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Vol. 23 Issue. 3 PP. 63-76, (2024)