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On the Classification of n-Refined Neutrosophic Rings and Its Applications in Matrix Computing Algorithms and Linear Systems

Katy D. Ahmad , N.N.Thjeel , M.M. Abdul Zahra , R.A. Jaleel

This work is dedicated to classifying the general n-refined neutrosophic ring by building a ring isomorphism and the direct product of the corresponding classical rings with itself. On the other hand, we use the classification property to solve the problem of n-refined neutrosophic computing of Eigen values and Eigen vectors of an n-refined neutrosophic matrix. Also, it will be applied to solve n-refined linear systems and models.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 08-15, (2022)

Bipolar Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Differential Equation and its Application

M. Lathamaheswari , S. Sudha

Neutrosophic set plays a vital role in dealing with indeterminacy in real-world problems. Differential equations represent the relation between a function and its derivatives and its applications have importance in both pedagogical and real life. In this paper, neutrosophic differential equation is proposed and solved using bipolar trapezoidal neutrosophic number and applied the concept in predicting bacterial reproduction over separate bodies with graphical representation using MATLAB. Also, comparative analysis is done with the existing method to prove the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 16-43, (2022)

Linguistic Neutrosophic Semi-Connectedness and Semi-Compactness

N. Gayathri , M.Helen

The notions of semi-connectedness and semi-compactness in linguistic neutrosophic topological space are presented and some of their properties are discussed in this study. Further, the idea of linguistic neutrosophic semi-compact space is instigated and investigated.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 44-50, ()

A Neutrosophic Analysis of Alimony in Students of Legal Age as a Fundamental Right to Education

Wilson C. Calle , Rogelio M. Carballido , Ned Q. Arnaiz

The right to food is closely related to the parent-child relationship and constitutes a right of the children and an obligation of the parents. Ecuadorian regulations seek to guarantee studies even when the children become adults and need to continue their academic training. University students are often forced to abandon their studies due to a lack of financial incentives. The objective of this study is to determine the factors that affect students' right to education when they reach the age of majority and the negative effects caused by the suspension of alimony. As a result, it is obtained through the use of the neutrosophic TOPSIS method to propose implementing legal reforms to extend alimony up to 24 years of age.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 60-71, (2022)

Comparative analysis of multicriteria methods based on single-valued neutrosophic numbers for the evaluation of medical technologies

M. F.O. Noboa , O. E.P. Copa , Eloísa A.N. G.

Decision-makers are often faced with complicated decision problems with intangible and conflicting criteria. Many methods are proposed to handle the inclusion of many and varied criteria that allow choosing the best alternative for a decision. The public health sector daily faces numerous complex situations that require the facilities provided by multicriteria methods. This research proposes a comparative analysis of multicriteria methods for the selection of health technologies. With this, it is proposed to check to what extent the selected MCDAs are capable of offering consistent results among themselves. Comparisons are made using the TOPSIS method and a modification of the PROMETHEE method, both in their neutrosophic versions, by using single-valued neutrosophic numbers. The results showed that both methods coincided in the order of preference given to each treatment. However, it is observed that the method based on PROMETHEE yields more detailed information on the elections' interiorities. The effectiveness of the methods used can be verified and their practical and feasible application in complex medical problems.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 72-82, (2022)

Factors conducive to Pregnancy during Adolescence in Ecuador through Neutrosophic Statistics

Nelson L. Sailmea , Edwin M.Solis , Ronelsys M.Martínez

Teenage pregnancy in Ecuador is a problem that continues to increase year after year. This, in addition to violating the rights of all girls and adolescents, perpetuates violence and inequality. Knowing the causes and consequences of teenage pregnancy allows planning action plans to combat them. The analysis of preliminary studies and surveys confirms levels of indeterminacy in the responses obtained for the study. This integration between neutrosophic sets makes it possible to reflect, through the representation of neutrosophic statistics, the level of deterioration of the factors that intervene in the full development from adolescence to adulthood. Consequently, the existing indeterminacy makes it necessary to model each element of the group studied to analyze the levels of deterioration associated with preventing teenage pregnancy in Ecuador.

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Vol. 18 Issue. 4 PP. 83-96, (2022)