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Pairwise Pythagorean Neutrosophic Strongly Irresolvable Spaces (with dependent neutrosophic components between T and F)

R.Jansi , K.Mohana

  In this paper, we have define the pairwise Pythagorean Neutrosophic (for short, pairwise PN) bitopological spaces (with dependent neutrosophic components between T and F). We also study the Pairwise PN strongly irresolvable spaces .The conditions under which pairwise PN strongly irresolvable spaces become pairwise PN first category spaces and pairwise PN Baire spaces are also investigated.  

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Vol. 12 Issue. 1 PP. 50-57, (2020)

True-False Set is a particular case of the Refined Neutrosophic Set

Florentin Smarandache , Said Broumi

  Borzooei, Mohseni Takallo, and Jun recently proposed a new type of set, called True-False Set [1], and they claimed it is a generalization of Neutrosophic Set [2]. We prove that this assertion is untrue. Actually it’s the opposite, the True-False Set is a particular case of the Refined Neutrosophic Set..  

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Vol. 12 Issue. 1 PP. 9-12, (2020)

An Introduction to Neutro-Fine Topology with Separation Axioms and Decision Making

V. Chinnadurai , M. P. Sindhu

  The set which describes the uncertainty incident with three levels of attributes is entitled as a neutrosophic set. The unique collection of open sets which contains all types of open sets is termed as fine-open sets. The current study introduces a topology on merging these two sets, called neutro-fine topological space. Additionally, the approach of separation axioms is implemented in such space. Furthermore, the real-life application is examined as a decision-making problem in this space. The problem is to make an unfavorable query into a favorable one by determining the complement and absolute complement of such issued neutro-fine open sets. This problem desires to find a positive solution. The solving stepwise mechanism reveals in the algorithm, also formulae provide to compute the outcome with explanatory examples.  

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Vol. 12 Issue. 1 PP. 13-28, (2020)

Neutrosophic Vague Incidence Graph

S. Satham Hussain , R. Jahir Hussain , M. Vignesh Babu

  Vague sets gives more intuitive graphical notation of vague data, that devotes better analysis in information relationships, incompleteness and similarity measures. Neutrosophic graphs are used as a mathematical tool to kept an imprecise and unspecified information. In this paper, the neutrosophic vague incidence graphs are introduced. The edge-connectivity, vertex-connectivity and pair-connectivity in neutrosophic vague incidence graphs are established. The given results are illustrated with suitable example.  

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Vol. 12 Issue. 1 PP. 29-38, (2020)

Neutrosophic Soft Block Matrices And Some Of Its Properties

Mamoni Dhar

  In real life situations, there are many issues in which there are uncertainties, vagueness, complexities and unpredictability. Neutrosophic sets are a mathematical tool to address some issues which cannot be met using the existing methods. Neutrosophic soft matrices play a crucial role in handling indeterminant and inconsistent information during decision making process. The main focus of this article is to discuss the concept of neutrosophic sets, neutrosophic soft sets, neutrosophic soft matrices theory  and finally to discuss about neutrosophic soft block matrics which are very useful and applicable in various situations involving uncertainties and imprecisions.  In this article, neutrosophic soft block matrices, various types of neutrosophic soft block matrices, some operations on it along with some properties associated with it are discussed in details.  

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Vol. 12 Issue. 1 PP. 39-49, (2020)