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Quadripartitioned Neutrosophic Pythagorean Soft Set

R.Radha , A. Stanis Arul Mary , Florentin Smarandache

The aim of this paper is to introduce the new concept of Quadripartitioned Neutrosophic Pythagorean soft set with T, C, U, F as dependent neutrosophic components and have also discussed some of its properties

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Vol. 14 Issue. 1 PP. 9-23, (2021)

Linear and Non-Linear Decagonal Neutrosophic numbers: Alpha Cuts, Representation, and solution of large MCDM problems

Sara Farooq , Ali Hamza , Florentin Smarandache

The postulation of neutrosophic numbers has been analyzed from different angles in this paper. In this current era, our main purpose is to mention Decagonal Neutrosophic numbers. The types of linear and non-linear generalized decagonal neutrosophic numbers play a very critical role in the theory related to uncertainty This approach is helpful in getting a crisp number from a neutrosophic number. The definitions regarding Linear, Non-Linear, symmetry, Asymmetry, alpha cuts have been introduced and large decision-making problems using fuzzy TOPSIS have been solved.      

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Vol. 14 Issue. 1 PP. 24-41, (2021)

Remark on Neutrosophic Genetics: A generalized way towards five schemes of Mutation and Transmutation

Victor Christianto

  In a recent paper, Smarandache describes an extension to evolution theory by coming up with Neutrosophic Genetics. This short remark is intended as letter to editor of IJNS.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 1 PP. 42-46, (2021)

Neutrosophic Soft Bitopological Spaces

Ahmed B. AL-Nafee , Said Broumi , Florentin Smarandache

  In this paper, we built bitopological space on the concept of neutrosophic soft set, we defined the basic topological concepts of this spaces which are N3-(bi)*-open set, N3-(bi)*-closed set, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft interior, (bi)* neutrosophic soft closure, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft boundary, (bi)*-neutrosophic soft exterior and we introduced their properties. In addition, we investigated the relations of these basic topological concepts with their counterparts in neutrosophic soft topological spaces and we introduced many examples.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 1 PP. 47-56, (2021)

A Review On Some Concepts and Open Questions In Neutrosophic Algebraic Structures

Rozina Ali

  The aim of this paper is to present a study about recent progressions in the study of neutrosophic algebraic structures. Also, it lists the most interesting open questions about neutrosophic algebraic structures such as neutrosophic rings, refined neutrosophic rings and n-refined neutrosophic rings.   On the other hand, a study on neutrosophic ring of complex numbers has been presented, with many Smarandache-Kandasamy open problems about the properties of these numbers, especially algebraic ones.  

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Vol. 14 Issue. 1 PP. 57-71, (2021)