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Plithogenic n-Super Hypergraph in Novel Multi-Attribute Decision Making

Florentin Smarandache , Nivetha Martin

An optimal decision-making environment demands feasible Multi-Attribute Decision-Making methods. Plithogenic n – Super Hypergraph introduced by Smarandache is a novel concept and it involves many attributes. This article aims to bridge the concept of Plithogenic n-Super Hypergraph in the vicinity of optimal decision making. This research work introduces the novel concepts of enveloping vertex, super enveloping vertex, dominant enveloping vertex, classification of the dominant enveloping vertex (input, intervene, output dominant enveloping vertices), plithogenic connectors. An application of Plithogenic n-super hypergraph in making optimum decisions is discussed under various decision-making scenarios. Several insights are drawn from this research work and will certainly benefit the decision-makers to overcome the challenges in building decisions.

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Vol. 7 Issue. 1 PP. 08-30, (2020)

A Note On Neutrosophic Soft Menger Topological Spaces

A.Haydar Es

In this paper, the concept of neutrosophic soft Mengerness, neutrosophic soft near Mengerness and neutrosophic soft almost Mengerness are introduced and studied. Some characterizations of neutrosophic soft almost Mengerness in terms of neutrosophic soft regular open or neutrosophic soft regular closed are given.

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Vol. 7 Issue. 1 PP. 31-37, (2020)

A Short Remark on Vortex as Fluid Particle from Neutrosophic Logic perspective (Towards “fluidicle” or “vorticle” model of QED.)

Victor Christianto , Florentin Smarandache

In a previous paper in this journal (IJNS), it is mentioned about a possible approach to re-describe QED without renormalization route. As it is known that in literature, there are some attempts to reconcile vortex-based fluid dynamics and particle dynamics. Some attempts are not quite as fruitful as others. As a follow up to previous paper, the present paper will discuss two theorems for developing unification theories, and then point out some new proposals including by Simula (2020) on how to derive Maxwell equations in superfluid dynamics setting; this could be a new alternative approach towards “fluidicle” or “vorticle” model of QED. Further research is recommended in this new direction.

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Vol. 7 Issue. 1 PP. 38-46, (2020)

n-Refined Neutrosophic Vector Spaces

Florentin Smarandache , Mohammad Abobala

This paper introduces the concept of n-refined neutrosophic vector spaces as a generalization of neutrosophic vector spaces, and it studies elementary properties of them. Also, this work discusses some corresponding concepts such as weak/strong n-refined neutrosophic vector spaces, and n-refined neutrosophic homomorphisms.  

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Vol. 7 Issue. 1 PP. 47-54, (2020)

A New Approach Of Neutrosophic Topological space

Riad K. Al-Hamido

  In this paper, a new approach of neutrosophic topological space (NA-NTS) is going to be introduced which is more general than neutrosophic topological space. Moreover, a new kind of neutrosophic sets and neutrosophic concepts in this new space is going to be created, which may makes us created a new kind in neutrosophic topology. We prove that a new approach of neutrosophic topological space is not a classical topological space. Also, a new approach of neutrosophic topological space is neither neutrosophic topological space nor neutrosophic crisp topological space. Many examples and theories are presented..  

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Vol. 7 Issue. 1 PP. 55-61, (2020)