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2690-6805ISSN (Online) 2692-6148ISSN (Print)

Continuity and Compactness on Neutrosophic Soft Bitopological Spaces

Ahmed B. AL-Nafee , Jamal K. Obeed , Huda E. Khalid

In this manuscript, continuity, compactness and  concepts in neutrosophic soft bitopological space have been defined using star bineutrosophic soft open notion. Theorems and properties concerning to these two notions have been investigated here.

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Vol. 16 Issue. 2 PP. 62-71, (2021)

A Novel Approach to Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Diagonalization of Refined Neutrosophic Matrices

Necati Olgun , Ahmed Hatip , Mikail Bal , Mohammad Abobala

This work is dedicated to study the conditions of diagonalization in the case of refined neutrosophic matrices, where it presents the necessary and sufficient conditions for the diagonalization of these matrices by finding a relationship with classical diagonalization of matrices. Also, it describes an algorithm to obtain all eigen values and eigen vectors of refined neutrosophic matrices from the classical ones.  

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Vol. 16 Issue. 2 PP. 72-79, (2021)

A Contribution To Kothe's Conjecture In Refined Neutrosophic Rings

Arwa A. Hajjari , Rozina Ali

The objective of this paper is to answer an open question asked in [42], about the equivalence between Kothe's conjecture in a ring R and its corresponding refined neutrosophic ring . Where it proves that Kothe's conjecture is true in R if and only if it is true in .

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Vol. 16 Issue. 2 PP. 80-87, (2021)

Dark data analysis using Intuitionistic Plithogenic graphs

Prem Kumar Singh

The precise analysis of uncertainty in given data sets and its mathematical representation is considered as one of the major issues at current time. The problem become more complex when the data sets contains several mutliattributes and its non-opposite sides. One of the suitable examples is cricket or sports data sets which create conflict among the experts in case of multi-decision process. The problem arises when the expert want to chategorize the performance of players based on its acceptation and rejection regions considering the contradiction. To deal with these types of data which contains human intuition in true and false regions intuitionistic Plithogenic set and its graphical visualization is introduced in this paper with an illustrative examples. 

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Vol. 16 Issue. 2 PP. 88-100, (2021)

Bipolar neutrosophic soft generalized pre-continuous mappings

Arulpandy P , Trinita Pricilla M

In this study, new classes of continuous mappings in bipolar neutrosophic soft topological space, namely bipolar neutrosophic soft continuous mappings and bipolar neutrosophic soft generalized pre-continuous mappings has been introduced. Continuity mappings preserves topological structures such as closeness, openness, compactness and so on. Here, we have proposed and investigated various continuous mappings based on bipolar neutrosophic soft sets. Further, we investigated some of their properties and relations with other mappings with examples.

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Vol. 16 Issue. 2 PP. 101-110, (2021)