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International Journal of Neutrosophic Science
Volume 16 , Issue 2, PP: 88-100 , 2021 | Cite this article as | XML | Html |PDF


Dark data analysis using Intuitionistic Plithogenic graphs

Authors Names :   Prem Kumar Singh   1 *  

1  Affiliation :  Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management-Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530045, India

    Email :  premsingh.csjm@gmail.com , premsingh.csjm@yahoo.com (ORCID: 0000-0003-1465-6572)

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.160204

Received: August 15, 2021 Accepted: November 03, 2021

Abstract :

The precise analysis of uncertainty in given data sets and its mathematical representation is considered as one of the major issues at current time. The problem become more complex when the data sets contains several mutliattributes and its non-opposite sides. One of the suitable examples is cricket or sports data sets which create conflict among the experts in case of multi-decision process. The problem arises when the expert want to chategorize the performance of players based on its acceptation and rejection regions considering the contradiction. To deal with these types of data which contains human intuition in true and false regions intuitionistic Plithogenic set and its graphical visualization is introduced in this paper with an illustrative examples. 

Keywords :

Graph Analytics; Intuitionistic fuzzy set; Knowledge representation; Plithogenic set; Plithogenic graph; Turiyam Set.

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