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2690-6805ISSN (Online) 2692-6148ISSN (Print)

A New Trend to Extensions of CI-algebras

Florentin Smarandache , Akbar Rezaei , Hee Sik Kim

In this paper, as an extension of CI-algebras, we discuss the new notions of Neutro-CI-algebras and Anti-CI-algebras. First, some examples are given to show that these definitions are different. We prove that any proper CI-algebra is a Neutro-BE-algebra or Anti-BE-algebra. Also, we show that any NeutroSelf-distributive and AntiCommutative CI-algebras are not BE-algebras.  

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Vol. 5 Issue. 1 PP. 08-15, (2020)

A SVTrN-number approach of multi-objective optimisation on the basis of simple ratio analysis based on MCDM method

D. Ajay , S. Abirami , D. Jeni Seles Martina

An essential process in the study of human work behaviour or huma n resource management is the personnel selection/recruitment and a major challenge of an organization is to determine the most potential personnel. From this perspective, this paper tries to formulate MOOSRA approach in the neutrosophic environment to select potential personnel in organizations. The method proves to reduce complexity in computation and is comprehensible. An illustrative example is shown for better understanding of the proposed method.

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Vol. 5 Issue. 1 PP. 16-28, (2020)

On Refined Neutrosophic Algebraic Hyperstructures I

A.A.A. Agboola , M.A. Ibrahim , E.O. Adeleke , S.A. Akinleye

Given any algebraic hyperstructure (X, ∗, ◦), the objective of this paper is to generate a refined neutrosophic algebraic hyperstructure (X(I1, I2), ∗', ◦') from X, I1 and I2 and study refined neutrosophic Krasner hyper-rings in particular.

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Vol. 5 Issue. 1 PP. 29-37, (2020)

Dominating Energy in Neutrosophic graphs

M. Mullai , Said Broumi

Dominating energy of graphs plays a vital role in the field of application in energy. Results by applying neutrosophic graph theory is more efficient than other existing methods. So, dominating energy of neutrosophic graphs will also give more accurate results than other exixting methods in the field of energy. This article introduces dominating energy of neutrosophic graphs. Dominating energy of a neutrosophic graph, dominating neutrosophic adjacency matrix, eigen values for the dominating energy of a neutrosophic graphs and complement of neutrosophic graphs are defined with examples. Also, dominating energy in union and join operations of neutrosophic graphs are developed and some theorems in dominating energy of a neutrosophic graphs are derived here.

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Vol. 5 Issue. 1 PP. 38-58, (2020)

On Some Special Substructures of Refined Neutrosophic Rings

Mohammad Abobala

The objective of this article is to define and study the concepts of refined neurosophic AH-ideal and AHS-ideal in refined neutrosophic rings.We investigate the elementary properties of these concepts.

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Vol. 5 Issue. 1 PP. 59-66, (2020)