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2690-6805ISSN (Online) 2692-6148ISSN (Print)

Remark on Artificial Intelligence, humanoid and Terminator scenario: A Neutrosophic way to futurology

Victor Christianto , Florentin Smarandache

This article is an update of our previous article in this SGJ journal, titled: On Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, Artificial Intelligence & Human Mind [7]. We provide some commentary on the latest developments around AI, humanoid robotics, and future scenario. Basically, we argue that a more thoughtful approach to the future is "techno-realism."

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Vol. 1 Issue. 1 PP. 8-13, (2020)

A New Score Function of Pentagonal Neutrosophic Number and its Application in Networking Problem

Avishek Chakraborty

Pentagonal neutrosophic number is an extended version of a single typed neutrosophic number. Real-humankind problems have different sorts of ambiguity in nature and among them; one of the important problems is solving the networking problem. In this contribution, the conception of pentagonal neutrosophic number has been focused on a distinct framework of reference. Here, we develop a new score function and its estimation has been formulated from different perspectives. Further, a time computing-based networking problem is considered herein the pentagonal neutrosophic arena and solved it using an influx of dissimilar logical & innovative thinking. Lastly, the computation of the total completion time of the problem reflects the impotency of this noble work.

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Vol. 1 Issue. 1 PP. 40-51, (2020)

MBJ-neutrosophic T-ideal on B-algebra

Mohsin Khalid , Neha Andaleeb Khalid , Rakib Iqbal

   In this paper we define and study the MBJ-neutrosophic T-ideal through diferent concept like union, intersection. further we use the important properties to investigate the MBJ-neutrosophic T-ideal under cartesian product and homomorphic results.

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Vol. 1 Issue. 1 PP. 29-39, (2020)

A Direct Model for Triangular Neutrosophic Linear Programming

S. A. Edalatpanah

This paper aims to propose a new direct algorithm to solve the neutrosophic linear programming where the variables and right-hand side represented with triangular neutrosophic numbers. The effectiveness of the proposed procedure is illustrated through numerical experiments. The extracted results show that the new algorithm is straightforward and could be useful to guide the modeling and design of a wide range of neutrosophic optimization.

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Vol. 1 Issue. 1 PP. 19-28, (2020)

There is No Constant in Physics: a Neutrosophic Explanation

Victor Christianto , Robert N. Boyd , Florentin Smarandache

In Neutrosophic Logic, a basic assertion is that there are variations of about everything that we can measure; the variations surround three parameters called T,I,F (truth, indeterminacy, falsehood) which can take a range of values. Similarly, in this paper we consider NL applications in physics constants. Those constants actually all have a window of plus and minus values, relative to the average value of the constant. For example, speed of light, c, can vary in a window up to +/- 3000 m/s. Therefore it should be written: 300000 km/s +/- 3 km/s. We also discuss some implications of this new perspective of physics constants, including in gravitation physics etc. 

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Vol. 1 Issue. 1 PP. 14-18, (2020)