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International Journal of Neutrosophic Science
Volume 15 , Issue 2, PP: 89-97 , 2021 | Cite this article as | XML |PDF


Indeterminacy in Neutrosophic Theories and their Applications

Authors Names :   Florentin Smarandache   1 *  

1  Affiliation :  Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences Division,The University of New Mexico, 705 Gurley Ave., Gallup, NM 87301, USA

    Email :  smarand@unm.edu

Doi   :   https://doi.org/10.54216/IJNS.150203

Received:March15, 2021, Accepted: July 28, 2021

Abstract :

       Indeterminacy makes the main distinction between fuzzy / intuitionistic fuzzy (and other extensions of fuzzy) set / logic vs. neutrosophic set / logic, and between classical probability and neutrosophic probability. Also, between classical statistics vs. neutrosophic and plithogenic statistics, between classical algebraic structures vs. neutrosophic algebrais structures, between crisp numbers vs. neutrosophic  numbers. We present a broad definition of indeterminacy, various types of indeterminacies, and many practical applications. 

Keywords :

Indeterminacy , Neutrality , <neutA> , Neutrosophic Triplets , Types of Indeterminacies , Numerical Indeterminacy , Literal Indeterminacy , Neutrosophic Number , Quadruple Neutrosophic Number , Refined Indeterminacy , Subindeterminacies , Null Indeterminacy , Over-/Under-/Off-Indeterminacy , TransIndeterminacies

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